The Blog is Back… And We Have Moved!

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Just a heads up to anyone still checking this out, the blog has now moved to

SimbaCast – The Lion King Blog

It is a bit messy right now, but I’ll have it cleaned up soon enough.


Enjoying Shakespeare

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In my post Hold That Thought!, I talked about how all three Lion King films are based on plays by William Shakespeare. Actually, not Lion King 1½ which is based on a play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead which is based on characters from Hamlet. I only just found that out…

Anyways, the point is Shakespeare has helped Lion King and I said I was going to study Shakespeare. And I have started to do this through Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb. They have taken 20 of the classic Shakespeare stories and rewritten them for children.


Yeah, I’ve been listening to children stories, seeing that I like a kids movie…

Anyways, if you want to get an introduction to Shakespeare as well you can listen to recordings of the stories at LibriVox or read the text at Project Gutenberg.

Merchant of Venice it should be noted is referanced in Simba’s Pride, well worth a listen or read.

Lions vs Elephants

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*Gasp* This post is coming two days late! So, what have I been doing?

Besides school, I’ve been having a whole bunch of fun in blender learning some more basic tricks. Such as how to add more then one colour to a single mesh:Rafiki

Far, far from finished. But I like how it is coming. Now onto the “Real Lions” post…

Two weeks ago I highlighted a video about the Lion vs Hyenas, a battle we see in the Lion King film. Yet here now is a battle not shown in the movies, and as such is crying out for a fan fiction to be based on it. It is the “Lions vs Elephant” struggle.

Maybe it is just me, but the voice in the above film reminds me of Jeremy Irons, voice of Scar.

If you want to see more, this video is worth a look as well.

As I said above, this animal battle is ripe with a story worthy of the name, Lion King.

Circle of Life Project

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I just saw this message over at and it looks to me like this might have some promise.

The site needs some work…

OK, a lot of work. Its hard to navigate, gives little to no info on where the project is right now. When you navigate to a page so that you can listen to music or sound bytes they all load at once, and there are a number of other problems I won’t get into.

What matters is the idea. Will it work? Is it a good idea? Is the script a good story?

The answers, I have no idea. I think its cool because its along the lines of what I’m working on. But, I don’t know…

The first scene of the script totally lost me. I think the reason being there is no summary. So all these new characters are introduced and I’m left in the dust asking, what? Who, what, and when is this all taking place?
Then I go and see all this great art, but again I’m left asking, WHAT!

A white lion? Tons of males? Nuka had a brother? And I have to ask, is Nuka really Scar’s son. Oh wait, wrong post…

Anyways, I’m going to try and read this script, but I don’t know how well I’ll do with that. I’ll hope I can finish it, but somehow I doubt it. They’ve made one big mistake, the story is set in the pride lands with lions as the main charectures. Thus we’ll always compare it to the first film. Because of this I think it will come short, by a long ways.

However, I wish them the best of luck and hope they can clean up the site so it will be easy to follow progress.

Rafiki’s Slip Up – Version 1

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As some of you may know, I’ve been fooling around with 3D Lion King animations in the free program, Blender recently. I keep trying new things with it and here is my latest. Still very much a work in progress as is every thing I do.

Please, let me know what you think!

Lion Guardians

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**Warning – The Link in this Post Contains very Graphic Images of Dead Lions**

Today I’m going to show you guys another blog you can subscribe to about Lions. It is the Lion Guardians blog. The description:

Maasai murran and Lion Guardian co-ordinator, working to save the lions of Maasailand.

I for one will be throwing this blog into my feed reader and hoping for some good content in the future. Also of possible interest is the “Mara Triangle” blog. But beware of huge images.

The Lion King Returns to the Big Screen in 2008!

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Yes, you read the title correctly. The Lion King will return to the silver screen in 2008, but not in the way you think. “Be Kind Rewind” is a new film coming out on February 22 staring Jack Black and Mos Def. Summary from the Internet Movie Database:

A man (Black) whose brain becomes magnetized unintentionally destroys every tape in his friend’s video store. In order to satisfy the store’s most loyal renter, an aging woman with signs of dementia, the two men set out to remake the lost films, which include Back to the Future, The Lion King, and Robocop.

Sounds like fun to me! See the trailer here on YouTube.